Case study

The new global Otrivin website

For the Otrivin product range, Glaxo Smith Kleine GSK wanted to relaunch its product website on a global scale.

On this project, we took over after another agency, and were asked to validate the newly created designs and structure. Through our collaboration, the GSK saw benefits, including:

  • Unbiased design validations
  • Insights shared and put to work quickly
  • Improved handoff and stakeholder collaboration around design
Prototyping, User testing, Iterating, Finalizing, Handover


The cut is not always clean when one agency leaves, and another one steps in. In this case the status quo was not clear, as the expectation was that the designs were way further along than they actually were.

Our task was to test the journeys, but there were pieces missing in the journeys to be tested.


To ensure everyone was on the same page, we put everything together in a clickable prototype and started visualising the gaps. We then went on to fill the gaps, so that we would have enough material to conduct user research.

As time was of the essence, we had support from our partner agency Gotomo. Together we conducted user-centric studies to ensure the users could find the information that they were looking for. 


The customer was so happy with the results that in the end we were asked to address the issues and improve the designs.

Our way of working allowed GSK to easily review and give feedback, and for us to have a clean platform for handover to their partner implementing the website. In the end, our impact in this collaboration exceeded the bounds of this project, as GSK embraced our review and handover style, and established new guidelines for how future project handovers should run.

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